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Deep Learning, Machine Learning,Kubernetes , Openshift and many others

Such as Python, Flask , Relational DB's and of course Kodi

About Expire0

Home of the Expire0 Password Manager

We decided to create a password manager tool from the ground up . Most of the password manager tools we reviewed required a monthly fee. I dont have a problem with a company charging for service rendered. I do have some concerns about how safe my password will be stored in the cloud. Passwords are crucial today as more websites require you to register. The tool is designed to keep the passwords under your control.
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  • The password manager does not require internet access
  • The master password is not store in memory
  • Can be ran from a Docker container or even a RaspberryPi
  • highly supported
  • Built using Python and SQLite
  • The backend DB is encrypted for added security
  • Best of all, there is no monthly feee to use. Its open sourced

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Juypter as a Service - Run Jupyter Notebooks Online

You no longer have to!

  • Install a Python Environment
  • Setup Additional Kernel Environments You want to Use
  • Install all the Libraries You Need
  • Maintain Everything on Your Own

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