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    Resource files : Files used int he build that are freely available
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Quick news 1/6/18:
>>>As of 1/6/18,before you can gain access to our build. You will need to donate 20.00 via paypal at Expire0 Paypal link . Once we receive confirmatin of your donation. We will add your network ID to the allowed list for 3 days. This will allow you time to install or update from our build server. The donation helps with server and bandwidch cost.
Repository location : http://expire0.in/sc

Expire0Hub ,home of the best kodi information and addons.


Expire0 Kodi/SPMC Repo: This is a collection of the best Kodi Addons/Repos available. Please feel free to use the repo.If you know of a addon that should be listed please send a message to me via twitter. Source URL

Kodi addon/repo database: A database with the top addons and repositories out there. Check back often as the list may change daily. If you have a addon that you like to be added . Please send a tweet .

Movie Review DB: More to come on this

Last build update 2018-1-28
Last Repo update 2018-1-6
Release schedule: 30 day cycle
Next expected release date 2018-02-18

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